About Baicheng Normal University

Baicheng Normal University is located in Baicheng city which lies in the intersection area of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province and Inner Mongolia, it is commonly known as the “City of Cranes”. Baicheng Normal University is the only one provincial undergraduate university in the west of Jilin Province. It grew out Baicheng Normal Junior College established in 1958. for the sake of a rational allocation of education resources, and reinforcement of functions for serving regional economy, in August of 2000, Baicheng Forestry School, affiliated to State Forestry Administration, was merged into Baicheng Normal College. And in March, 2002, Baicheng Normal College was ratified by Ministry of Education and got a promotion of Baicheng Normal University.

Baicheng Normal University takes up an area of 812900 square meters, with 3,55,000 square meters for school buildings. The total value of assets reaches to 670 million RMB. It has 22 Colleges, 44 undergraduate programs, including 22 normal specialties and 22 non-normal specialties, which cover up science of law, pedagogy, literature, history, natural science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art. It has 12 thousand full-time students coming from 27 provinces or municipalities of China. It also developed Sino-foreign collaboration in education with Malaysia, Korea, Japan and other countries. It started up the Minority Preparatory Class. The teaching staff is made up of 638 teachers, among which are 235 professors or associate professors, with 392 teachers having Doctor Degrees or Master Degrees. It has 5 excellent teaching team of provincial level, 1 innovation team of provincial level, 1 practical education base of state level for students, 3 experimental demonstration center of provincial level, 1 engineering technology center of provincial level, 1 innovation experimental area for personnel training mode of provincial level, 1 study base of humanistic and social science of provincial level, 2 distinctive culture research bases of provincial level. Since 2007, the teaching staff altogether have accomplished 6 research studies of state level, over 200 research studies of provincial level. Students’ cultural quality, professional quality, practical ability and innovation competence have greatly been promoted, they were rewarded with many prizes in the competitions of mathematical modeling, “Challenging Cup”, and various competitions on different subjects in the whole country.

For over 50 years, Baicheng Normal University has been sticking to focus on serving regional economy and social development, fully plays the role of cultivating talents, doing technical research and serving social development. It provided more than 60,000 qualified talents like the type of Yang Fu-sheng, elected to be the most beautiful rural teacher, and was broadcasted by CCTV. It is honoured as “Cradle of Teachers”, “Huangpu Military Academy of cadres of party and government”, the supporting strength for scientific study and “human resource development base” for regional economy and social development.

Overall, the college is continuously pursuing changes and progresses, all staff members are together to build it a first-class human resource workplace with local characteristics, and to move forward to make it a comprehensive university.